20 September 2022


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See Calibre Partners page for updates for Forestlands investors.

September 2022
A callover hearing has been adjourned to 10 November 2022. A trial date has not yet been set.

August 2022
A callover hearing has been adjourned to 15 September 2022. A trial date has not yet been set.

May 2022
A callover hearing has been adjourned to 18 August 2022. A trial date has not yet been set.

April 2022
A callover hearing has been adjourned to 26 May 2022.  A trial date has not yet been set.

16 November 2021
A callover hearing has been set for 4 February 2022. A trial date has not yet been set.

9 September 2020
The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has filed criminal charges against Rowan Charles Kearns, the founder and sole director of the Forestlands group, for alleged disclosure and financial record keeping breaches. See media release.

12 October 2018
The FMA has decided not to seek costs arising from its application to put the Forestlands companies 2-12 and 14-20 into liquidation.  See media release.

Calibre Partners has now published its first liquidators’ reports in relation to the Forestlands companies 2-12 and 14-20.

6 September 2018
The High Court in Nelson has placed Forestlands companies 2-12 and 14-20 into liquidation.

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) sought the appointment of liquidators by the court to bring independence and certainty to the resolution of the companies’ affairs. See media release.

31 August 2018
The FMA’s application to liquidate the Forestlands companies has moved forward and will now be heard on the 6th September 2018 at 11:00am at the Nelson High Court instead of 26-27 November 2018.

13 August 2018
The FMA’s application to place Forestlands 2-20 into liquidation is currently scheduled to be heard on 26-27 November 2018 at the Nelson High Court. 

Following a court order in April 2018, a payment of income tax liabilities of $1,641,789 was made to IRD. The remaining funds are still in an interest-bearing trust account. The money cannot be accessed without the permission of the FMA or court order.

23 April 2018
FMA has applied at the Nelson Registry of the High Court to place the Forestlands companies numbered 2-20 into liquidation.

Shareholders and Creditors are entitled to a copy of the affidavit setting out the FMA’s case in seeking the liquidation of these companies. Please refer to the media release to obtain it.

The FMA and Serious Fraud Office maintain separate ongoing investigations into Forestlands.

20 April 2018
High Court heard an application by 10 of the Forestlands companies in relation to money owed to the IRD. The total owed and due to Inland Revenue was $1,529,203 and interest of $112,586. 

The High Court granted orders for the Forestlands Companies to pay the income tax liabilities from the $18 million held in the trust account.

20 October 2017
Companies Office has now confirmed that the director has filed annual returns for each of the ‘numbered’ Forestlands Companies. This operates as a complete stop on the Registrar’s intention to remove those companies from the companies register.

We have also reminded Mr Kearns, through his lawyers, of the companies’ obligation to maintain share registers and have them available to be inspected.

7 August 2017
We have received queries about the sale price of the forests. The Overseas Investment Office has recently published the sale price received by Forestlands. This information is now available on the OIO website which references a sale price of $23,500,000. See media release.

30 June 2017
We understand that the Forestlands companies have now instructed an independent professional services firm to assist with developing an appropriate distribution method. As soon as an appropriate distribution method has been established, the FMA will decide whether to consent to the release of funds currently held on trust. See media release.

27 June 2017
The FMA continues to seek to engage with the sole director of the Forestlands group and his legal representatives to ascertain what steps have been taken to put in place an appropriate process for determining and managing the distribution of the $18 million that is held on trust, accruing interest. See media release.

1 May 2017
We have referred some matters to the Serious Fraud Office. We will continue to complete our inquiries in relation to financial markets issues.

We want to ensure that Forestlands has established a process for distribution of the funds in trust account that is proper and fair for all investors. See media release.

22 March 2017
$18 million (which Forestlands say is to be paid to all its investors) was placed in a trust, earning interest. This decision to place these funds in trust was taken to protect and preserve the identified funds and investors’ interests while the FMA’s inquiries continue. 

Following a query from an investor about a statement issued on Forestlands website dated 15/03/2017, the FMA wants to make clear that this was published without our knowledge. The FMA is currently investigating the events in question. See media release.