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    30 July 2010

    Commissioner for Financial Advisers Receives Draft Code of Professional Conduct

    (Media releases from the Securities Commission)30 July 2010 The Commissioner for Financial Advisers, David Mayhew, today received from the Code Committee the draft code of professional conduct for authorised financial advisers for his approval under the Financial Advisers Act 2008. Mr Mayhew said receiving the draft code was a significant milestone in the implementation of the new regulatory regime governing financial advice to the investing public. "...


    28 July 2010

    Issuers Could Improve Corporate Governance Reporting

    (Media releases from the Securities Commission)28 July 2010 The Securities Commission's latest review of corporate governance reporting shows that while most issuers are doing well, many need to improve their disclosures when it comes to ethical standards, directors and executive's remuneration, risk management, and shareholder and stakeholder relations. "It is important that investors are given high-level assurances that companies have robust corpora...


    16 July 2010

    Finance & Investments Partners Enforceable Undertaking

    (Media releases from the Securities Commission)16 July 2010 The Securities Commission has accepted enforceable undertakings from the partners of Finance & Investments, Mr Andrew Harding and Mr Murray Scholfield. The partners offered securities to the public without an investment statement or registered prospectus. The partnership went into receivership in September 2007. Under the terms of the undertaking, Mr Harding and Mr Scholfield agree not to...


    7 July 2010

    Dominion and North South Finance Directors Charged

    (Media releases from the Securities Commission)7 July 2010 The Securities Commission has laid criminal charges and issued civil proceedings against Dominion Finance Group Limited and North South Finance Limited directors Vance Arkinstall, Richard Bettle, Terence Butler, Ann Butler, Paul Forsyth and Robert Barry Whale. These proceedings follow extensive investigations by the Commission since Dominion Finance Group went into receivership on 9 September...


    25 June 2010

    Financial Advisers Urged to Get Ready for Regulation

    (Media releases from the Securities Commission)25 June 2010 The Commissioner for Financial Advisers, David Mayhew, today urged advisers to get ready for the new regulatory regime. He also updated the Securities Commission's financial adviser implementation timetable. The announcement follows changes made by Parliament to the Financial Advisers Act this week. The Act will be implemented over the next twelve months, coming fully into force after 30 June...


    22 June 2010

    Securities Commission Welcomes Commerce Commission Settlement with ANZ and ING

    (Media releases from the Securities Commission)22 June 2010 The Securities Commission welcomes the settlement achieved between the Commerce Commission and ANZ National Bank Limited (ANZN) and ING (NZ) Limited (ING). The settlement relates to the Commerce Commission's investigation into alleged breaches of the Fair Trading Act 1986 by ANZN and ING and other entities in relation to the marketing, promotion and sale of the ING Diversified Yield Fund and...


    14 June 2010

    Investment Adviser and Broker Banned

    (Media releases from the Securities Commission)14 June 2010 Former Timaru-based investment adviser Neville Ian Cant, found guilty of forgery and theft, is banned from operating as an adviser or investment broker for five years. The Securities Commission had received a number of complaints regarding investment schemes established by Mr Cant. He is also banned from acting as an employee or agent of an investment adviser or broker in any way that would a...


    2 June 2010

    Guide for Authorised Financial Advisers Released

    (Media releases from the Securities Commission)2 June 2010 The Securities Commission today released the AFA Adviser Business Statement Guide to help financial advisers prepare for the new regulatory regime. The guide explains the document to be prepared by an adviser applying to become an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA). Under the Financial Advisers Act a person who provides a financial planning service or gives advice on investment products is req...


    28 May 2010

    Commission Finds Instances Where Investors Entitled to Refunds

    (Media releases from the Securities Commission)28 May 2010 Securities Commission investigations into finance companies have found that many investors are entitled to refunds on their investments. Where individuals and companies have broken the law by offering securities to the public without a registered prospectus, investors are entitled to a refund of their principal plus interest. Investors who did not receive an investment statement before investi...


    15 April 2010

    Criminal Charges Laid Against Lombard Directors

    (Media releases from the Securities Commission)15 April 2010 The Securities Commission today confirmed that it has laid criminal charges against Lombard Finance & Investments directors Sir Douglas Graham, Michael Reeves, William Jeffries and Lawrence Bryant. These charges relate to the same allegations as the civil proceedings announced earlier this week. The criminal charges are laid under section 58 of the Securities Act and carry a maximum pena...


    13 April 2010

    Civil Proceedings Served on Lombard Finance & Investments Directors

    (Media releases from the Securities Commission)13 April 2010 The Securities Commission has issued civil proceedings under the Securities Act against Lombard Finance & Investments directors Sir Douglas Graham, Michael Reeves, William Jeffries and Lawrence Bryant. These proceedings follow extensive investigations by the Commission since Lombard Finance & Investments went into receivership on 10 April 2008 owing approximately $127 million to some...


    13 April 2010

    Commission to Sue Nuplex Industries Limited and Directors

    (Media releases from the Securities Commission)13 April 2010 The Securities Commission has decided to file civil proceedings against Nuplex Industries Limited (Nuplex) and certain current and former directors. The directors involved are John Hirst (Managing Director, Sydney), Robert Aitken (Chairman and non-executive director, Sydney), Barbara Gibson (non-executive director, Melbourne), David Jackson (non-executive director, Auckland), Bryan Kensingto...