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What does an FSAP involve?

Page last updated: 1 Dec 2016

The IMF’s 2016 FSAP review of New Zealand involves two separate ‘missions’ (visits by the IMF). The IMF’s first mission to New Zealand will be in mid-August 2016 with the main mission following in November.

The authorities (RBNZ, Treasury, MBIE and the FMA) are required to provide an extensive amount of information to the IMF mission team of expert assessors in preparation for a series of meetings across the two missions. This involves responding to background questionnaires and data requests, together with comprehensive self-assessments against the relevant international standards and completing tailored questionnaires for the technical note reviews.

The missions themselves will involve a number of meetings with the authorities, and other stakeholders including industry. In addition, the IMF 2016 mission team intend to visit Australia and solicit the views of Australian authorities on trans-Tasman related issues.