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FMA Update 30 May 2013

Page last updated: 30 May 2013

Hybrid financial instrument disclosures

FMA has just finished our report on hybrid financial instrument disclosures. As part of our theme based monitoring projects on financial reporting, we have reviewed the accounting classification and disclosure of financial instruments, classified as hybrid instruments, and listed on the NZX debt market.

We consider that disclosures around hybrid financial instruments need improvement and would like all issuers of hybrid financial instruments to reconsider your disclosures in regard to these.

FMA’s findings and recommendations are listed in the report.


Statement of Intent

FMA’s 2013 – 2016 Statement of Intent has just been released. You can read more about our strategic direction over the next three years, how we will measure our success, and the three appropriations FMA receives to achieve our objective of fair, efficient, and transparent markets.

A copy of our SOI can be found here, or if you would like a printed bound copy, please contact Danette Hunter at danette.hunter@fma.govt.nz