Futures Dealers

The Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMC Act) introduces derivatives as a regulated financial product category. Derivatives include futures contracts which were previously regulated under the Securities Markets Act 1988, The Securities Markets Act required futures dealers to be authorised by the FMA. Existing authorisations for futures dealers ceased on 1 December 2014 when the Securities Markets Act was repealed. Transitional provisions in the FMC Act however provide for transitional derivatives issuer licences for those entities that were authorised futures dealers immediately prior to 1 December 2014 and who need to be licensed under the FMC Act. 


What a derivatives issuer is, how to apply for a licence and what your obligations as a licensee will be.

A list of those issued with a derivatives issuer licence, including those former futures dealers who have a transitional derivatives issuer licence.

Client fund transitional arrangements and obligations and a link to existing exemptions.

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