Education and Information

Educating New Zealanders on investing

The Financial Markets Authority partners with other public and private organisations to develop and promote education resources and messages to help investors make better decisions.

This includes information about the regulatory regime for investments and the role of FMA.

Other things we do to encourage accurate and relevant information include:

  • reviewing prospectuses for appropriate disclosures about material risks and to reduce the likelihood of them containing misleading or false statements
  • improving the quality of financial advice by monitoring compliance with the Code of Professional Conduct for financial advisers and the other obligations of advisers
  • reviewing the quality and usefulness of financial reporting by issuers.

For more information on investing see Help Me Invest.
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Issuing warnings, alerts and guidance for investors

Where FMA identifies a trend of breaches by market participants we will provide public warnings, alerts or guidance for investors.

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Exposing and preventing investment scams

FMA investigates illegal investment schemes, and offers from brokers and dealers not licensed to operate in New Zealand. We take action if needed, which may include issuing warnings and alerts about investments scams.

Contact us about a dubious investment, broker or deal.

To report other types of scams see What We Don't Do - And Who Else May Be Able to Help You.

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